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Manual on Post Harvest Management

This manual is intended to deepen the knowledge of extension personnel in their bid to teach farmers simple advances in post-harvest technology through demonstrations and training. This manual may be used for effective dissemination of post-harvest technologies to farmers. Click on the link below to download full document MANUAL 4 POST HARVEST  

Manual on Value Chain Development

This manual has been written to support facilitators of Farmer Based Organizations (FBOs) with information to strengthen their competencies in Agricultural Value Chain Analysis and Management. The manual is targeted at agricultural extension and development workers who work with farmer based groups as trainers or facilitators. Leaders and members of Farmer Based Organizations will also […]

ICT Plug & Play Workshop

Agriculture Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) Stakeholders Workshop, Plug and Play Session The Directorate of Agricultural Extension Services of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture in collaboration with the Forum for Agricultural Advisory Support and Services, Ghana (GFAASS) organized a workshop on Agricultural Information, Communication and Technology Systems dubbed “ICT Plug & Play”. Information, Communication […]

Extension Methods and Techniques

Extension Methods and Techniques

The general objective of this document is to impart new knowledge, skills and attitudes which will in turn lead to a change in behavior bringing about improved agricultural practices, better production, community/rural development higher income and quality of life. click on the link below for the full text…… Extension Methods and Techniques by Tammy Soussan

Manual on Contemporary Agricultural ...

This Manual on Contemporary Extension Delivery Methods provides useful information and guidance for running training of trainers and bringing agricultural extension staff, NGO staff and able farmers up to the point of being good agricultural extension or advisory service providers. In this Manual, you will find information on what you need to guide you play […]

Report from Agricultural Extension F...

Ghana’s current Agricultural Extension Policy was written in 2001. Given the emphasis on agricultural extension in more recent Ghanaian policies, the need arose to review the existing extension policy and assess its implementation to determine if there are specific areas that may require further attention to ensure that policy aims are being met. Three partnering […]

Food and Agriculture Sector Developm...

The first Food and Agriculture Sector Development Policy (FASDEP) was developed in 2002 as a framework for the implementation of strategies to modernisation of the agricultural sector. The strategies in that policy were based on the Accelerated Agricultural Growth and Development Strategy (prepared in 1996), and were designed to forge linkages in the value chain. […]