The first Food and Agriculture Sector Development Policy (FASDEP) was developed in 2002 as a
framework for the implementation of strategies to modernisation of the agricultural sector. The
strategies in that policy were based on the Accelerated Agricultural Growth and Development Strategy
(prepared in 1996), and were designed to forge linkages in the value chain. After nearly four years of its
implementation, and the development of sub-sector policies and strategies to guide implementation, it
became necessary to revise FASDEP to reflect lessons learned and to respond to the changing needs
of the sector.

This revised policy (FASDEP II) emphasises the sustainable utilization of all resources and
commercialisation of activities in the sector with market-driven growth in mind. It however targets fewer
commodities for food security and income diversification, especially of resource poor farmers.
Enhancement of productivity of the commodity value chain, through the application of science and
technology, with environmental sustainability is emphasised. Greater engagement of the private sector
and collaboration with other partners will be pursued to facilitate implementation of policies.

FASDEP II is the outcome of a consultative process, which began with inputs from inter-ministerial
teams working on different areas of intervention. The inputs of the thematic groups were consolidated
into an initial draft which was revised on the basis of comments from the Ministry of Food and
Agriculture and her development partners, and from stakeholders at a sector review workshop. The
second draft was then distributed widely and consultations held at regional workshops to seek the
views of a wider cross-section of stakeholders.

This policy is complemented with a strategic framework which will specify how the policy strategies
in this document will be implemented.


Food and Agric. Sector Dev. Policy (FASDEP-II)