GFAASS has different categories of membership; namely Organizational, Individual, Honorary and Fellow of the Forum. Currently, the organizational members are made up of any organization, public or private whose mandate and activities are in the areas of, or related to agricultural advisory support and services in Ghana. The individual members are made up of any Stakeholder in AASS or related disciplines. Honorary members shall consist of persons who have achieved National or International recognition for their significant contributions in the field of Agriculture Advisory Support and Services. GFAASS shall bestow on them such membership as a mark of respect, recognition and honour. The “Fellow” may be conferred on any member of GFAASS adjudged by the General Body to have made significant contributions to the development of the Forum and AASS.

GFAASS has an Executive Committee in place, comprising members from public, private, educational, research and farmer organization institutions among others. Administratively, GFAASS is run by a Secretariat of which is currently housed at the offices of the Directorate of Agricultural Extension Services.